CBD Max, Tinctures and More!

We have been adding new items to the site daily so please check back often to see what's happening here. New items include the CBD MAX - it's basically 3 bottles in one - which means you get 3x the full spectrum, whole flower organic CBD, that would normally cost $180, for only $89! This new strength was created as a special order for one of our customers using it for lupus and she has said that it has changed her life. FYI, did you know that there are approximately 30 drops in each dropper full? That means that our new CBD MAX has 30mg of CBD per dropper or 1mg per drop. This makes getting the correct dose super easy! If you are currently taking one full dropper of the regular strength try switching to the CBD MAX and take 10-12 drops instead. As always, we would love to hear from you so please share your success stories with us. Green Blessings! Emie